CO2 Extinguishers

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Now, we are going to use a CO2 extinguisher. Just remember, it has gas in there that is extremely cold. This will freeze and this will freeze. So we try to avoid holding there or holding there. Ideally, up against the body, press down, press off, short sharp blast. That is how we are going to use our CO2 extinguisher on the fire. Here we go. Putting out this fire, and then walk away.

The CO2 extinguisher is certainly better for electrical types of fire. If it has not been isolated, then this is the one to use. But you need to remember, it needs to be something that is nice and small. Maybe something smouldering inside a PC or it could be the back of a tumble dryer or any items like that, where it is still contained, but by using this it can force those gases into it and extinguish the fire by removing the oxygen in there. That is a prime objective of using a CO2 extinguisher. Remember, we only use it in short blasts and then make sure we do not breathe it in.