Facts About Extinguishers

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There are many considerations before using any extinguisher. One could be, for example, in the confined space. In such areas as that, there is a risk with the powder, of choking on it. There is a risk of choking even on the CO2. So you may well consider that it is impractical to use these in confined spaces. Then you need to think about alternatives, "What else could I use? Is it practical to use a water or foam?" But that is gonna be down to your risk assessments in managing that scenario. But overall, how effective are extinguishers in the UK?

Well according to the Chief Fire Officers Association, they did a survey where at one point, 83% of all fires in the UK were put out using extinguishers. Why are they so effective? That is because people are already there on-site and trained to use them. But only to deal with it in its early stages. And we only recommend dealing with something that is the size of a typical waste paper bin. Anything bigger than that, we consider to be out of control. Do not put yourself at risk. But your fire procedure should always be in place. In the event of a fire, always dial 999. Call out the fire brigade, then evacuate your building. Then if it is safe to do so, then tackle the fire. We would always recommend that, ideally, it would be a two-person operation, where two of you will decide, "Is it safe to do so?" If you both agree, then do so. But if one of you thinks it is dangerous, then do not just leave. It is all about life safety. Life comes first, not a building.