Evacuation Chairs

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Part of a fire risk assessment is to evaluate how you will get someone out if a building in the event if a fire. You should also make special arrangements for people with mobility needs, for example make sure there are people to help wheelchair users get downstairs if there’s a fire. It is not just employees that you need to cater for but also visitors.

Getting someone with reduced mobility from an upper floor is not easy especially as the lift cannot be used in a fire as the lift stops when the power fails trapping the occupants inside.

Evacuation chairs are usually mounted by the stairs and they are quickly ready to transfer the person in to them. They are strapped in and then ready to move. It can some be stressful for the person but they are very effective and can be used by one operator. The chair can be used to evacuate them from the building.

This video does not qualify you to use an evacuation chair, you would need to complete a separate course. Ask us for more information and to buy Evacuation chairs.