Fire Warden Kit

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In most companies, businesses and schools, you will have what is called a fire warden or fire marshal kit. This is mandatory in different sectors such as the care industry, where there must be a fire warden or fire marshal kit. The kit must be placed somewhere where it can be easily accessed, for example via an entrance door and this is so the warden or marshal has all the necessary equipment to hand should a fire break out.

The kit is normally a plastic box with a grab-handle on the top, and sometimes it is fixed onto the wall. When you open it up, the first thing you should find is a high-vis vest. This will normally be marked Fire Warden or Fire Marshal and of course, it’s high visibility, so people can easily see the person wearing it. This is especially useful at night-time, in smoky areas or simply if the area is very crowded. 

Other things inside the kit include a sign, which may direct people to the assembly point, or the warden or marshal may simply be able to hold it above their head and become an assembly point themselves. The kit will normally also contain some sort of torch and this is to improve visibility, which can obviously be used at night, or to attract attention. Most torches are battery-powered, so make sure the torch is maintained with working batteries, otherwise, it is useless. The torch may also be a wind up one, where you have to produce the charge yourself. You may want to consider investing in a high powered torch, as this has more chance of being able to penetrate thicker smoke which will allow you to better orientate yourself and others.

The kit may also contain some sort of alarming system, which may simply be a whistle, or perhaps an airhorn and larger kits may contain a megaphone to help you notify people that there is a fire. All the contents of the fire warden or marshal kit will be of some use as long as it’s properly maintained. If your workplace does not have such a kit, it may be worth notifying your employer, as they really could be the difference between life and death.