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The Fire Safety Act of 2021 is part of a series of changes to fire and building safety that the government is making following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, with further primary and secondary legislation to follow. By introducing the Fire Safety Bill, Ministers made clear that legislation will play a role in tackling delay and inaction by building owners and developers investigating remedial works. The Fire Safety Bill received Royal Assent on the 29th of April 2021 and it is now known as the Fire Safety Act 2021. Although the date has not been confirmed for when the Act comes into force, this is another significant development on the issue of fire safety.

The Fire Safety Act of 2021 was introduced to clarify who is responsible for managing and reducing risk in different parts of multi-occupied residential buildings. The legislation brought new fire safety applications to managers, building owners and some leaseholders for the building structure, external wall, common parts and doors. The act looks at three main parts of safety and change. Firstly, it amends the Fire Safety Order to require that all responsible persons to assess, manage and reduce the fire risk posed by the structure and external walls of the building for which they are responsible, including cladding, balconies and windows and individual door openings onto common parts of the building. It also applies to all multi-occupied residential buildings and this is not dependent on the height of the building. And finally, it allows for the fire and rescue services to enforce against non-compliance in relation to the external walls and individual doors opening onto common parts of the premises. As this act becomes relevant in the workplace, we will update this video and you will be able to see the latest version.