Water Extinguishers

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So, let us demonstrate how to use a water extinguisher. First of all, I need to make sure it has still got its tag and pin in place. I'm checking the gauge to make sure it is full. I also check the label, the back, it is in date. So I know this extinguisher is fit for use. And that should be part of the checks they are doing in your building anyway. Okay, I'm happy with that. I'm now going to move over, and we're going to stimulate a fire, and then I'll show how we use it.

Okay. First thing I need to do is pull the plastic tag. That's pulled off; pull out the pin. It is now ready to go. Press on the handle, and stop. And now, the fire is out. If I wasn't sure, I could take a few steps forward, do a few more, and stop. I'm happy. A bit more to make sure the fire is totally out. Remember, keep your distance. Do not get too close to the fire, make it do the work. Do not compromise your safety. Now that we have used this extinguisher, we will need to get it serviced. Already, it has lost most of its pressure. So, we cannot just re-tag it back up again and put it on the wall. It has got to have a complete service, so it is now ready for the next time.