Types of Fire Alarm

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There are different types of fire alarm. It could be an electronic system like this which is linked through to a control centre.There are a lot of sensors throughout the building, it is linked in with the emergency lighting and the emergency door releases. It is quite a complex system and this is common in many offices. But they don't necessarily have to have one as complex as this. It may well be that you have done a risk assessment and you may need a smaller system. Or the offices you have is just a single room. In which case there are different things you can have. One might be a fire bell, so you can literally just ring the bell if there is a fire; activate people to get out of the building. Another common type of alert alarm is an air horn. In here is compressed gas and an air horn on the top, so you can literally just push down on it and that will activate a lot of noise to help people know there is a fire and get them out of the building very, very quickly. A final type could be as simple as just shouting "Fire!" It might seen very obvious but that might be the way that you activate and tell people that there is a fire. The important thing with any fire alarm is to make sure that every person in the body knows what the alarm sound is. If it is an electronic alarm, they need to know about it. If it is a bell type or shouting "Fire!" or an air horn type, they need to know that is what the alarm sound is, and in the event of it, they must evacuate the building as soon as possible.