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Fireproofing the home is a fairly simple process and you can make your home a lot safer simply by installing smoke detectors around the house and buying a few pieces of fire equipment. Make sure that all the equipment is positioned in an easy-to-access location and ensure that you know how to use the equipment effectively. In today’s society, electrical appliances are being used more than ever, and as such the dangers of potential electrical fires need to be considered. You can reduce electrical fires by firstly not overloading power sockets with too many plugs. This is often a problem where many sockets may be needed in a fairly concentrated area, such as underneath beds or behind TVs and Computer Towers. Do not put plug adapters into other plug adapters, as this places more and more strain on the electrical circuit and increases the chances of sparks occurring. On top of this, ensure that all household equipment is safe and well maintained, with no bare wires showing. If you are in any doubt, your local fire service are always willing to help.