Fire Injuries

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You can treat any type of burn by first running it under running water for at least twenty minutes. This cools the burn and prevents more damage. Chemical burns should also be washed off, but be careful of the runoff of water, as you do not want to spread the chemical to another part of the body or on to yourself. Some chemicals react with water, so again take care. Be aware of the potential shock of the burn patient. If that does occur, you will have to treat the patient for shock.

There has been new guidance on the use of cling film on treating burns. The problem that has been identified is with wrapping the cling film around a limb. This could cause problems when the burn swells, so it is now advised to put the film on in layers. This is not the easiest thing to do, and you will need to secure it in place with bandages. When a burn is covered with film, then the pain can also be reduced. The use of special burns dressing is also advised, as they cool the burn and do not stick. By removing the air from the burn, you can also reduce pain for the patient.